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Horsemanship II is designed for those folks who have a minimum of 30 rides on their horses and can safely walk, trot and camter/lope their horses.

We will continue to focus on safety, balanced riding, communication between the horse and rider using the seat, saddle, body and reins. In this course we learn more advanced maneuvers involving the horse’s entire body. Emphasis will be learning to control all body parts of the horse independently and in unison to create an extension of your own body for True Leadership. Excercises for proper canter-departures, flying lead changes, spins, sliding stops, jumping and Dressage will be implemented. This is where you will learn the skills to ready your horse for competitions or just to create a better partnership. Regardless of whether you work on a ranch, ride Dressage, pleasure ride on the weekends, show, compete (English or Western), ride a gaited horse or anything in between this course is for you. Our goal is to achieve such a partnership and communication with our equine partners that we can ride them without a saddle, halter, bridle and reins and have our horses perform the same as if fully tacked up!

Horsemanship II
2 Day Course
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