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30, 60 or 90 Day Options

We put 45+ hours into your horse in approx. 30 days with a 42 point checklist. At the end of the 30 day session your colt will be able to ground tie, trailer load, stand for farrier, bathing, grooming & tack process, have groper ground manners and respect for personal space. Horse will have been taught to perform un-mounted ground tasks, perform under saddle tasks such as standing for mounting and dismounting from both sides, carrying rider and gear, riding with others or out alone, stop, backing, left, right, walk, trot, lope and canter, emergency brake on both sides from walk, trot, and canter. Leg yield, open and close gates from either side, cross bridges, cross water, lateral flexion and plow rein. (All of course dependant on the learning process and ability of each individual horse). *Please remember for, safety's sake, a colt is Green Broke" until it has had a few years of experience under his/her saddle to be titled "Finished" or "Broke".


*60 & 90 Day programs educate horses on more advanced manuevers for ultimate performance whether out on the trail, in the show ring, competing or working on the ranch, it doesn't matter if you ride English or Western!
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