Rocky Mountain Horseman

This course is designed for placing the proper foundation on your horse during the first 30 days of training and riding with an emphasis on Safety, Safety, Safety.

You will learn how to control and communicate in a manner that is natural and makes sense to the horses on their terms all while learning how to have a better seat and ride with confidence using better balance & a proper center of gravity. We will focus on movement and direction of our own body parts as well as our horses body parts including controlling the motor and the brain of the horse just like the Alpha Mare does in the herd. Basic manuevers and foundation work are the core of this course. Excercises will be centered around the walk, trot, canter, lope, turn left, turn right, stop, back-up and riding on trails and arenas while providing Leadership & Safety for you and your horse.

Learning to ride with the horse and not on the horse!

First 30
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First 30 Days: 2 Day Course