Rocky Mountain Horseman

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Klaudia Turner

I was born and raised in Poland and moved to USA when I met my husband in 2013. I was fascinated with horses since I was a child but this passion had to wait because most of my childhood I spent in the water swimming and competing in many competitions as well as in Polish Championships. I rode every summer in Centrum Hippiki Jaszkowo and that is where I learned good basics of English riding – cross, jumping and dressage. After few years I discovered that Western Riding was becoming more and more popular in Poland so I found Western Riding Center Bronco where I spent few years learning how to ride western style, starting colts and training horses. I took part in two clinics with Tomas Barta where I learned about Working Cows and Cutting. I was a part of Rodeo Shows where I used to do Cowboy Mounted Shooting (which is still an undeveloped discipline in Poland).

From the beginning of my interaction with horses I was interested in their psychology, behavior and how to create better partnership with them. I learned theory from Dr Robert Miller’s books. I attended Monty Roberts show in Poland. I was starting colts and retraining horses using acquired knowledge, experience and my intuition and was achieving a trusting and willing partners in horses I worked with.

By the time I met my husband I had great results in working with my young horse at liberty as well as training and starting other horses. But meeting Joe Turner opened a completely new chapter in my life with horses. He himself being a European Colt Starting Champion 2013 taught me a lot about horses psychology and pecking order and exposed me to a different world of “trail riding” when riding in Montana’s backcountry. I had a chance to learn from great Horsemen during Light Hands Horsemanship and attended couple of Buck Brannaman’s clinics. I helped my husband starting colts and retraining horses. Coming to USA and living in beautiful state of Montana where horse is something more than just a pet kept in a fancy stall made me see horse world with completely different eyes.

Horses are my passion and I can easily say that God blessed me with a gift of understanding them and reaching their hearts. Starting a fresh new colt, retraining older horses or rehabilitating the mind of an abused horse gives me great joy and pleasure. I have a good touch, I am a Reiki Healer and I am starting my education in Equine Massage. I have been practicing energy healing for 15 years now and I believe that physical or behavioral problems have their roots deep in horse’s minds and my goal is to reach those wounds and heal them.