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The horse is as individual as you and I. When we start to listen and respect the horse as we do our human peers then we get amazing results, the horse gives us the same respect and honor. We as humans have learned to communicate verbally therefore taking out the non-verbal side of communication, this is Body Language & Energy. Body language is spoken among all of God's creatures and tells of our true beliefs and feelings. We can all communicate verbally to cover up our true thoughts but inevitably our actions and the way we carry ourselves will tell the true story. Animals having a non-verbal (as we know it) language cannot misrepresent their true thoughts.
When we learn to speak this language we break down all barriers to our inner-selves as well as to the animals we are working with. In accordance, our social lives tend to improve due to us being able to be less threatening towards others and the ability to get along well with others and try new approaches. Learning body language will set at ease your natural predator instincts and you will have a harmonious balance with your horse. This will affect your whole life in a positive fashion.
Understanding how to achieve this status with our four legged friends takes us learning "Horse Psychology" only once we truly understand how to communicate with our horses then we can take down all barriers and start to have amazing results. Knowing what the horse is thinking will help us understand what techniques we need to use for training and at what speeds we need to teach at so we don't build resentment and mistrust.
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