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Re-Starts will be approxiately 30 days (45 hrs) per session, during this time I will be working with your horse and will be erasing all the dangerous and undesirable behaviors and habits that your horse may be exhibiting, then I will place a proper foundation on him/her so as to allow them to be able to travel balanced and in-tune with the rider.

I usually find that these problems are usually from holes being left in the original education of the horse but also recognize that sometimes conformation or body faults due to injury or body structure can also lead to undesirable behaviors so a full consultation is usually done either on first day of training or prior to drop--off for the session. This session also includes a mandatory 2-hour session with horse and owner before the horse leaves my facility.

Session also includes a 15% discount on all training equipment.

30 Days: Resetting Foundation
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